Farm Move

It rained all day long and hardly a stitch of clothing I had on was dry by the end. February may not have been the best time to move a farm, based upon the weather. But with spring right around the corner we didn’t have much of a choice. We knew that it would take awhile to finish this project.



There are always hang-ups no matter how well you plan things, and we definitely had some. What we had hoped would take roughly a day to move the livestock turned in to a long day and night. We started at about 8 a.m. and finished at about 9 p.m. To top off this cold, muddy day, the horse trailer that I had forgotten to reserve was rented when I tried to pick it up. Frustrating, to say the least. The only trailers that the rental company had that would fit all of the sheep was a short-sided gravel hauler. And well…. I’ll take it.




After moving the living, breathing aspects of our farm, it just came down to moving the accumulated junk and equipment. Who would have known that we are pallet hoarders! Despite being the easier task, it still took another 2-3 weekends to move all this stuff. Moving has that tendency to drag in to the light all the useless things we accumulated over the years. Making moving my least enjoyable task. Fittingly, I put it off to the last moment.


New Farm
New Farm


Overdue Update

Farm 2013 022
The past couple of months seem to have just slipped by like the snap of the fingers. Wasn’t it just the holiday season? Well we had better share with you what we have been up to.
This is a quick overview of some projects we are working on right now. We will post more in detail about these projects as they move forward.
July 2013 015
Our sheep have been enjoying this dry, mild weather and have decided to have some lambs! A little unexpected but no complaints here.
We are also working on creating a locally adapted flock of chickens. This way we can help in a small way to protect of some of our national birds.
And most importantly we are moving our farm from Ashland to Talent! We are extremely excited about this move.