March 2012 Newsletter


Dear Folks,

With the approach of spring, our animals have started to get that I’m-tired-of-this routine attitude. They are trying to tell us that they are ready to be taken out of their winter housing and start exploring  the grasses among the pasture for bugs or that over-looked blade of clover, come rain or shine. (I’m sure they would prefer sunshine, but after the dry winter we have had I’d like to see more rain). Throughout the winter we have housed our chickens in a hoop house using what is known as a deep litter system. We have a post on our website about this housing model if you would like to find out more. We will be moving our egg-laying chickens out to pasture in the next few weeks (weather allowing) and this is where they will stay until next fall. With constant access to the new pasture growth and because fresh young grass is a chicken’s favorite food, our eggs will start to take on the deep orange color we know you love.

Once we set out our egg-layers and sheep to pasture, our growing season will start in earnest and before we know it we will have meat chickens and turkeys arriving in the mail. In the past years we have had meat chickens available in fits and starts throughout the summer months, but this year we are going to try something a little different. We have recently come to the realization that we weren’t truly meeting your needs, at least not consistently enough.  Those two or three processing days in a whole year just weren’t adequate. But frankly we like you and want to see more of you. Having the opportunity to have a conversation with the people that consume and enjoy our products is the life blood of a small farm like ours. With that said, how do we achieve all that you wonder? We feel that our starting point is with a chicken CSA this coming fall. If you would like more information on our CSA, please contact us at .

As for the turkeys, we have timed their arrival to coincide with the warm summer months to insure they get off to a strong start. They tend to be a little delicate as babies but when we get the turkeys out on to the summer grasses they go crazy taking a bit of this, a nibble of that, and their grass consumption is quiet high. Sometimes they won’t even eat the organic grain we give them because they are too busy enjoying the pasture’s abundance. This creates the tastiest turkey I have ever had.  Last year we sold out in an hour. So I would encourage those of you that would like a turkey to get your orders in as soon as possible. They will not last!

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach us by email We look forward to hearing from you. Able Farm = Clean Food.


Jake Hayes