A Turkeys Nature

2012 073This season, I built what I thought was a really deluxe turkey house;  place for the birds to relax that’s shady, dry, with a roost so they can sleep out of the reach of predators.

Farm pics 012Farm pics 033But one day, a turkey decided that this snug little house just wasn’t good enough.  He felt that sleeping on top of the house was superior to sleeping in the house. The next night this turkey felt a little lonely, so he invited a friend to enjoy this new, higher perch.  Then this turkey’s friend invited his friend, and then his friend invited a friend. In ever-growing numbers, in a short time they wrecked their warm, dry, shady house.  Farm pics 036Farm pics 042

Some turkeys, however, couldn’t come to terms with the destruction.

Farm pics 047

I should have realized in hindsight that given a turkey’s nature, they would disregard a charitable act and do as they wish. Who am I to stop them?

Farm pics 054


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