The Pasture Process


We raise our animals on pasture, and I’m sure you know what that means, but what does it look like? This is a quick tour of the pasture process.







The first thing we do is allow the grasses to grow to their fullest, focusing on maximizing root growth. This means we let the grasses get really tall. We restrict our animals’ access to the field then use paddocks to divide up the field and rotate the animals through them.










The sheep are the first to be rotated into the paddocks. They eat their fill of the grass, trample down the rest and spread manure throughout the paddock.








Next, we move the egg-laying chickens into the paddock the sheep have just vacated. They scratch for grass seeds and help to distribute the manure throughout the paddock.



Last but not least, we move our broiler chickens into the paddock after the layers.









This whole process is done each day. So each paddock has animals on it for a total of three days. Grasses are then allowed to rest until it has fully recovered.


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