In our excitement about our new blog, we forgot to give ourselves a proper introduction for those of you who are not familiar with Able Farm. Able Farm is the collaboration between myself (Jake Hayes), Jessica Ward, and our landlords, Richard and Joyce Stanley. On pasture, we raise chickens, turkeys, and eggs. I have worked in and around the restaurant industry as a chef for a number of years. I found that my love of food and the outrage I feel about the way in which the animals we eat are treated, and the poor quality of the meat produced has led me down the path to clean, authentic,  small family farming.

Jess and Jake

Jessica Ward is my fiancée, and although she is not always farming (she has a career of her own as a teacher), she helps with many of the details I miss.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley are the owners of a non-profit organization called Legacy Foundation ( and they lease the land Able farm is located on. Their support of local agriculture has helped make Able Farm a reality. If you meet the Stanley’s, please thank them for making local, clean, food a priority.

Meet the Stanleys

To create a really good meal that is exploding with complex flavors and is visually inviting, one needs to think of all the details involved and get the perfect balance between each flavor. Attention to balancing the relationship between grasses, clovers, soil, and livestock health is central to my farm practices and vision. This vision is what it takes to create clean, healthy, flavorful food. Able Farm’s mission statement is as follows: to create premium food with integrity, placing quality of life and taste at the forefront of our production.

Lamb dinner at a local restaurant

Food helps to bring our families and loved ones together; we nourish our relationships over steaming bowls of soup, laugh while enjoying the spring crunch of salads, and tell stories as we savor a chilled wine. The food on our plates should be just as nourishing as the company. Crazy I know!

Unfortunately very often this is not true. 99.94% of all meat chicken raised in the US is factory farmed (from Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer). This is a depressing and sad statistic that we have all contributed too. But this is changing; we at Able Farm are proud to be a small but important part of this change.

Our founding chicken, Edith

You are taking the power back with when you choose to opt out of the system by voting with your dollars. Feel good about your choice- which is a choice for Freedom from processed foods and for health and Sustainability. Able Farm=Clean Food.

We have recently sent out our most recent newsletter If you would like one please contact us.

The farm store will be closed the first week of May. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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